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Four Masted Barque, 1914, Henry Scott Tuke, watercolor : The Athenaeum

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Lakota Hunters
by Morgan Weistling

In a painting as taut with tension as the bowstring drawn in this hunter’s hand, another side of artist Morgan Weistling is revealed with “Lakota Hunters.” An archer himself, Weistling has created a pair of figures that feel as if they are about to jump out the painting itself. Of special note to collectors: this extraordinary, yet uncommon, Morgan Weistling image has been released as an edition of only 45!

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Wulingyuan kharst - China (by John Crux)

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Beautiful Lifestyle shop/restaurant in Tokyo - Keats by JunoNamkoongLee on Flickr.

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~* Utensils in viking camp *~

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